Becca Gallery


Times Square
Sailboats at Dockside

"Pink Peonies"

"Times Square"

"Sailboats at Dockside"


"Two Vases and Five Fruits"

"Boy and Sailboat"

"Fruits and Flower Vases"

Beach Kids Beach Souviners Beach Cabanas

"Beach Kids"

"Beach Souvenirs"

"Beach Cabanas"

Euro Cafe Patio Umbrella table Egret

"Euro Cafe"

"Patio Umbrella Table"

"Egret Habitat"

Boats Charleston Garden with Table oranges and flowers


"Charleston Garden with Table"

"Oranges and Flowers"

Street Cafe
Boats in Tandem Breezeway

"Courtyard Cafe"

"Boats in Tandem"


Bountiful Table
Charleston Rooftops Charleston Street

"Bountiful Table"

"Charleston Rooftops"

"Charleston Street"

Charleston Style Houses Cherries and Flowers Chinatown

"Charleston Style Houses"

"Cherries and Flowers"


Chinese Vases
Church Street
Fenced Yard

"Chinese Vases"

"Church Street"

"Fenced Yard"

Green Yacht Clubhouse Island Beach Path Motor Skiffs at Resort

"Green Yachtclub House"

"Island Beach Path"

"Motor Skiffs at Resort"

Mountain Harbor Nantucket Cottage Old Time Beach Scene

"Mountain Harbor"

"Nantucket Cottage"

"Old Time Beach Scene"

Pear Picket Fence Cottages Pink House


"Picket Fence Cottages"

"Pink House"

Porch Stairs
Porch with Columns
Pots and Fruits

"Porch Stairs"

"Porch with Columns"

"Pots and Fruit"

Purple Floral Rabbits River Cottage

"Purple Floral"


"River Cottage"

Sailboat in Canal Sailboats Pointy Tower Sails Up at Harbor

"Sailboat in Canal"

"Sailboats Pointy Tower"

"Sails Up at Harbor"

Seaside Church
Shrimp Boats
Table with Flowers and Fruit

"Seaside Church"

"Shrimp Boats"

"Table with Flowers and Fruit"

The Yacht Club Three Bunnies Three Children Playing

"The Yacht Club"

"Three Bunnies"

"Three Children Playing"

Toy Horse and Flowers
Two Boys with Sailboats
Two Bunnies

"Toy Horse and Flowers"

"Two Boys with Sailboats"

"Two Bunnies"

Two Spring Bunnies
Umbrella and Columns
Vase and Goldfish

"Two Spring Bunnies"

"Umbrella and Columns"

"Vase and Goldfish"

Vases with Fruit Plate Venice Boat and Barge
Village Market

"Vases with Fruit Plate"

"Venice Boat and Barge"

"Village Market"

Village with Purple Street
Welcoming Bench
Yellow House

"Village with Purple Street"

"Welcoming Bench"

"Yellow House"

Yellow House Flag Alley
Yellow House Flowery Yellow Rooftops Many Skiffs

"Yellow House Flag Alley"

"Yellow House Flowery"

"Yellow Rooftops, Many Skiffs"