Carolyn Epperly Gallery


"The Paddock Turn"


"Four Corners of the Law"


"Irish Vegetable Stand"

"Hanging the Laundry"

"Irish New Potatoes"

Two Girls Three Men and a Dog Archway

"Two Girls"

"Three Men and a Dog"


Break Time

"Break Time"

City Country Lane Hoorayfo


"Country Lane"


Country Cottage

"Country Cottage"

Irish Landscape

"Irish Landscape"

Irish Memorial I Irish Memorial II

"Irish Memorial I"

"Irish Memorial II"

Laundry Man in Hammock


"Man in Hammock"


Jazz Trio Pensive Pickers

"Jazz Trio"

"Pensive Pickers"

Old Lady

"Old Lady"

Reflective Shopping I Painter Reflective Shopping

"Reflective Shopping I"


"Reflective Shopping II"

Soccer Girls Sunglasses

"Soccer Girls"

"Reflective Sunglasses"

Stream Fisherman Submerged Girl Two Priests

"Stream Fisherman"

"Submerged Girl"

"Two Priests"

Swamp Trees

"Swamp Trees"