Norma Martin Gallery


Pink Hydrangea2

"Spring Pink Hydrangea"

"Tiger Lillies Tall"

"Open Gate"

  Hallelujah Its Spring Rest At LAst

"You Are My Sunshine"

"Rest at Last"

"Glory in the Fields"

"Holden On"

"Strawberry Vanilla"

"Litchfield Walkway"

Robin's Nest Prayer Closet Magnolia

"Robin's Nest"

"Prayer Closet"


Frenzy Tulip

"Frenzy Tulips"

"Sailor Boy"

"Imaginarium Acquarium"

Tiger Lilies

"Angel Trumpets"


"Tiger Lilies"

Palmetto Light Blur Hydrangea

"Palmetto Light"

"Blue Hydrangea"

"Bee Street Laundry"

Bird of Paradise

"Bird of Paradise"

"Don't Come Any Closer"


"Shrimpers and Sailors" "Boats for Rent" "Fish on Ice"  

"In the Harbor"

"Boats for Rent"

"Fish Market"

  "Euro Boats"
What a Web We Weave
Pink Hydrangea

"Reflections of Greece"

"What a Web We Weave"

"Pink Hydrangea"

Many Trees

"Trees on Parade"

Frances Glads Welcome Pineapple Sunny Face "The Balcony"

"Frances Glads"

"Welcome Pineapple"

"Sunny Face"

"The Balcony"

Harding Martin Palm

"Looking Out to Sea"

"Three Palms"

"Blue Palm"

Blue Crabs Crabbing



Iris Old Danville Mill Old Mill


"White Mill-Dan River"

"Long Mill-Dan River"

Open Gate School of Striped Fish

"Come into My Garden"


"Lean On Me"

Rooster Rooster and Chick Two Roosters

"King of the Roost"

"Who's Your Mama?"

"Who's Boss?"

"December Floral"

"Brick Wall Iron Gate"

"Floral Bouquet"