Patsy Tidwell Painton Gallery


Saint Philips Church

"Saint Philips Church"

Porgy's Dock Street


"Dock Street"

Abstract Watercolor Edisto Abstract

"Abstract Watercolor"

"Edisto Abstract"

Cape Cod Collage

"Cape Cod Collage"

Entering a Lowcountry House Huguenot Church

"Entering a Lowcountry House"

"Huguenot Church"

Charleston March Collage

"Charleston Marsh Collage"

Lake Lowcountry Marsh


"Lowcountry Marsh"

Marsh Dock Michael's

"Marsh Dock"


Large Floral

"Large Floral"

Misty Marsh and Dock Sunshine Through the Woods

"Misty Marsh and Dock"

"Sunshine Through the Woods"





Lowcountry House Rainbow Row

"Lowcountry House"

"Rainbow Row"

Shrimper Shack Umbrella Watercolor Scene

"Shrimper Shack"

"Umbrella Watercolor Scene"

Pirate House

"Pirate House"



28 Asian Texture Bird Study


"Asian Texture"

"Bird Study"

Bird Texture

"Bird Texture"

Black Despair Dancers Eye Tile

"Black Despair"


"Eye Tile"

For Growth

"For Growth"

Jazz Birds Puzzle Pieces Sudoku

"Jazz Birds"

"Puzzle Pieces"


Sudoku Chair Unstoppable

"Sudoku Chair"


Yellow Textures

"Yellow Textures"